Competitive Gamesmanship: The secret recipe to successful Online Marketing!

   Starting your own business whether small or big, in this world of gadgets and being all time connected through the internet, having tough competition from your competitors, Online Marketing is the tool that works wonders in flourishing your business. Online marketing is a great way to promote your business and website. So, if you have decided to sell some products or start an online business then social media on internet is the best way to tell the people about the products you sell and to let them know more about your business. Online marketing is the best way to make your business work. Online marketing does not mean sharing your products or sharing the information of your business on social media. Online Marketing requires a strategy, a strategy that lifts your business up. Online marketing is not just posting about your business once on social media pages and advertising. However, it takes dedication, patience, communication, commitment and hard work to follow. You have to stick to your strategy and try to let the people and world know what you are doing and offering. Many people give up easily when they do not see any progress through Online Marketing. They change their strategy quickly because they think that this is not working, this is a failed attempt and continue to think negatively and finally stop marketing their business online. The problem with switching strategies is that they are not fully realizing the potential of each marketing method and strategy. By continuously switching between techniques, strategies and methods of their newly started business they aren’t giving one precise method a chance to flourish. So before starting Online Marketing for your business you need to know that it will take some time and your wait will be worth in the end. So, here is the recipe of successful Online Marketing. If you are following the path of online marketing for your business, then these tips will surely bear fruit for your business.

1-Online Marketing takes some research and a strong understanding of your target customer; however you could plan and enforce an easy online marketing campaign for your newly established business. So, if you are new to this Online Marketing Strategy and do not know how to implement it in your business, internet has so many ways to grow your business. SEO optimization, Pay per Click and Keyword related Blog writing, all these services help you in making strategy for your business by understanding and knowing what you are selling and what do you offer to your customers through your business and services. Through the help of these tools and techniques you get an easy way to make an Online Marketing Strategy for your business.

2-We don’t regularly reflect on considering the Web design as a marketing tactic, but it is definitely an effective way to grab a user’s attention towards your website. Your internet site is the heart of all of your Online Marketing efforts, therefore you must create a website that is up to date and attention-grabbing.

3- Make use of Search Engine Advertising and digital optimization.  Search Engine Advertising and SEO content allow your name and internet site to appear on a listing of search engine web pages. With a strong and perfect SEO method, your business or website will become related to the keywords that people used to find various services. This increases your possibilities of being on the first pages of Search Engine web pages.

4- Write an engaging content that attracts traffic. Write content that is quirky, original and unique on your blog or your business website. This can help boom your visibility in search engine results pages like Google.

5- Make your website mobile friendly. Also, find such website themes for your website that are mobile-ready.

6- Make a Facebook and Instagram page of your business or website. Publish posts and add Hash tags. Have giveaways. Post Original pictures of your business, let the people know what you are up to. If you are a photographer then upload pictures of your photography, if you are a designer post pictures of your work and clients who are wearing your brand, if you have a restaurant then post pictures of the delicious food you cook or that your restaurant offers and if you are selling anything post a picture of the product. Whatever you do or are up to, post pictures. Because posting  pictures of your work will grab people’s attention. Most people are lazy and do not read every post you write on your Facebook or Instagram page. That is why a picture will grab the user’s attention more than a written post.

7- Ask for reviews from your audience. Try to reply to all of your followers who ask you something or praise you. Let them know that their comment or review is special to you.

8- So you have made your Facebook and Instagram page for your website. Now run a contest or a giveaway. It’s a new way to attract traffic and increase your followers. What you have to do is to declare in your post that you are gifting an awesome prize to the lucky winner by liking, commenting, tagging or sharing your post. Simply remember that the prize should be greater and higher, only after this people would be encouraged to participate in your contest or giveaway. However, you can run a competition on one or more than one social networks or do it on your own website.
9- If you have a business website, offer discounts or have a Surprise Sale or arrange for free delivery to the locals. Discounts and Sale are the most favorite thing of shopaholics. If you have Surprise Sale or offer Discount on the selected products then people will surely make sure to check out your website and social media pages with the new deals, discounts and sale you offer.


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