How It Works

Any project for a business needs specific marketing processing.

At GeekiMedia, we offer an ongoing procedure with efficient and result-driven methods.


  • Get in touch and tell us about your requirements

    Call us toll-free at 1800 252 0216 or e-mail us at and outline your needs and your requirements. And, if you do not know where to start, we are always willing to help!

  • Analysis & consultation stage

    Based on your business purpose, requirements and the amount of information you provide; we will analyze this data with our latest tools. Also, our insightful marketing consultants will consult with you for the success of your project.

At this step, we also suggest the highest performing, most cost-effective, tailored-made marketing plan that’s the best suited for your business.

  • Marketing strategy development

    After determining your tailor-fit marketing plan, we will outline the bespoke strategy with an agenda with specific tasks, timelines, budget, measurement methods for the certainty of the whole successful project of your business.

  • Marketing strategy implementation

    Part of our marketing services is that we are here to make sure your business gets noticed and your brand name gets tremendous exposure. So, if the existing information, document, photos or videos are not enough to support the project; we will need to send our crew to your business to collect more information such as take photographs, interviews or collect video footage.

  • Measure performance & experience transformation

    Experiencing our service, you will receive monthly reports from a third party, typically Google or Facebook for measuring our performance and for you to see your business positively transformed before your eyes.

    Also, you will receive a WorkLogs Email Report which will indicate our progress on your project. All the more, our technical support personnel will assist you in installing apps such as Google Analytics and AdWords to monitor and track the positive performance of the advertising campaign.

  • Optimizing and long-term relationship

    After measuring our performance and experiencing your business transformation, you will want to keep cooperating with our crew for your long-term success and continue to see your business gain momentum. We perceive your marketing plan to be an ongoing process, and we are never "done" - that's why we always say "optimizing".


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