What are the costs of traditional marketing versus online marketing?

Some people define online marketing is limited in running banner ads, pop up on commercial websites and sending spam emails. In our angle, we perceive online marketing is about improving customer experience, offering valuable contents and delivering customers the right values at the right time; but still keeping the price at an affordable level.

Some people think online marketing is limited to running banner ads and pop-ups on commercial websites, and sending spam emails. What we have perceived so far is that online marketing is about improving customer experience, offering valuable content and delivering customers the valuable information at the right time. All this has to be done at an affordable price level for all.

As an entrepreneur, have you ever made a comparison between the costs of traditional versus online marketing? The results will shock you!

In this article, we would like to share a case study of marketing expenditure through a story of our former client – a tax preparation firm.

Outgo of payroll for direct sales.

Before knowing our digital marketing service, the tax preparation firm launched a marketing campaign on a newly targeted niche market through a traditional marketing method i.e. direct sales. The payroll of two direct salesmen for this campaign was around $95,000 annually. But the marketing results at the year end came up with frustrating values. Sadly, they could neither approach the potential customers nor build the firm’s brand image.

Then we recommended the most suitable proposal to the bespoke firm by switching to an online method similar to direct sales. Even though the sum of advertising and our service cost for the whole campaign was $46,000 annually we delivered a double amount of sale leads. The unexpected thing was this that the firm didn’t think to encash on their long-lasting reputation which we did effectively.

Outgo of direct mail or telesales.

Another realistic example about the tax preparation firm was when two years ago they ran two parallel campaigns: direct mail and telesales. They spent a whopping sum of $850 to purchase a list of 60,000 contacts who live in New Jersey from a demographic supplier agency and found more than 48% of them were either undeliverable or not found. The rest 52% were not exactly the targeted customers. The firm flushed $850 away and the marketing campaign’s estimation was cut in half.

That was such a waste while many know it is extremely easy to use targeted demographic options on various online marketing platforms to take accurate aim and is also worth your money.

The comparison table among costs of offline versus online marketing methods.

The comparison table among costs of offline versus online marketing methods.

Hence, in order to bring an appraisal, let’s dig deeper and do a simple math between the tax preparations paid for online versus offline marketing methods. If you intend to launch a marketing campaign, please think twice when considering between online versus offline as to which is the best choice!

However, do not assume looking at the table that we recommend you to pay peanuts and get monkeys.

Another thing to consider here is the after effect of offline marketing is very short when compared to online marketing. Your business website, social media accounts and all the related works done with SEO will have a long term effect even after the end of paid campaigning period.

As digital marketers, we are always keen on guaranteeing an efficient performance in manageable budget. At GeekiMedia, we are not on your payroll and are not a liability to your firm. Our digital marketing algorithm delivers you a team of salesmen who are 24/7 available and are full of enthusiasm.


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